About Phil.


Bio: I am an experienced delivery skipper who has delivered boats across:

  • The Mediterranean,
  • North Atlantic,
  • South  Pacific
  • Caribbean Sea.

Passport: U.K.

I reside in Portugal. I speak  English and Portuguese


  • Boat-master grade 2 (2003-2008)
  • RYA International Helmsman/Coastal Skipper. (Sail up to 24m/80GT, Power up to 24m/80GT) (1988-2018)
  • Spanish Marine(Patron de Barco)blue book
  • VHF Licence
  • First aid at sea certificate.STCW95VI/4
  • Survival at Sea.STCW95VI/1
  • Bosun, Lilliput Yacht Station, Poole. (1989-1995)
    Repairing/maintaining customers craft, servicing/laying moorings, salvage, day to day running of the boatyard and its work boats..

Experienced crew can be arranged if required.



6 Responses to About Phil.

  1. Tomas says:

    Hello Phil,
    Im a Portuguese citizen, thinking about buying a new boat in Europe or South Africa and with help of professional Sailor like yourself, bring the boat to the pacific where i intend to sail and move around without having a fixed base country. Sailing around, tourist! South East Asia etc..
    In this situation what is your experience and advice in terms of tax and vat? Should i pay it in Europe where i will be leaving and no intention to sail there?
    can i sail in the Pacific without tax vat paid ? by the way im thinking about registering the boat in Delaware US. Some recommendations?

    Would like to hear from you!

    A good day for you!


  2. Boatman61 says:

    Hi Tomas,

    If you are buying a new boat, be it in Europe or SA there is no reason whatever to pay VAT if you have no intention of keeping it in European waters.. the agent handling your new purchase (Lagoon, FP, Gunboat) will be able to arrange this.. you then have I believe 90 days to remove it from Europe.
    If however you are registering it in Delaware, you would be able to utilize the 18mth allowance, then remove to a non EU country for a couple of days and be eligible for a further 18mths stay on re-entry to the EU.
    I hope this is of some help to you..



  3. James Todd says:

    Hi Phil, I own a Lucia 40 with DYC. We move the boat between Annapolis and Bahamas each season. Is this something you could do? Would we have to fly you over here? We would appreciate your input. Thanks, James and Kim

    • Boatman61 says:

      Dear Kim & James,
      Yes I could do this but my €2/nm fee would also have to include air fares from and back to Lisbon, Portugal on top.
      I think this extra cost would likely make hiring a more local skipper like Snore or BVImatelot on Cruisers Forum a more viable option, much as I regret this fact.
      Thanks for reaching out..
      Best wishes,

  4. Phil, looks like you are worldwide. Im a captain if you ever need a hand on deliveries.
    I’ve got over 10,000 mikes in the Atlantic, Caribbean and Bahamas.

  5. Boatman61 says:

    Hi Christian,
    Thanks for the offer, I will keep you in mind if a long haul pops up and the owner is prepared to cover your rates..

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