Welcome to the website of Deep Water Deliveries…

I am a freelance Yacht Delivery Skipper and look forward to assisting you with the movement of your vessel to the destination of your choice.

My prices are very reasonable for todays market, and are based on a fixed mileage rate from departure point to destination, with no unexpected extra’s due to weather related delays or any others that may arise during delivery..

In return..  you can be assured of good care of your investment and a swift and efficient delivery.

I thank you for your interest..

good sailing..



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‘Whangdoodle’ Sigma 33.

Sigma 33 delivery from Bangor, North Wales to be delivered to Lanzarote, Canary Islands.

Delivery terminated in Le Sable do Lonne, France due to mechanical failure to await owners arrangements to resolve the problem.

A sad and disappointing end to the trip for my crew and myself.. not something I take any pleasure doing.


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Lagoon 450S ‘Susan Ann II’

A Spring delivery from Cartagena, Spain to Corfu, Greece.

Departed Cartagena 1st April, 2019. arrived Corfu 14th April via Syracusa, Sicily.

Another successful delivery.



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Lagoon 450S ´Susan Ann II`

Departed from Hollywood, Florida, USA. July 11th 2018,

Arrived Queensway Marina, Gibraltar via the Azores on August 17th, 2018.

Pictured at Suntex Marina, Harbour Island, Florida.

Another trouble free delivery.

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Peregrine.. a Moody 45DS

The Moody 45DS Peregrine in Portimao marina..

Another successful yacht delivery..

Departing from the Hamble, UK to Athens, Greece.. left UK on May 26th and arrived at her new base in Greece on June 29th.

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Ayamonte, Spain to Porto, Portugal.. April 2018.

Synergy, a Bavaria 32 delivered from Ayamonte to Porto..

A smooth and easy delivery over 3 days of sailing.

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Delivery Camarinas, N Spain to Alcudia, Mallorca. June 2nd – June 19th, 2017.

Living Dreams.. a Prout 37 catamaranliving dreams

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Bali 4.5


20170128_161110January 2017.   Shamballa.. a Bali 4.5 Catamaran delivered from Arneys de Mar to Gibraltar where it was loaded aboard a Seven Stars ship for transport to St Thomas, West Indies.

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